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Of what students have had to say about what benefits they derived from our classes:

“My dog learnt to listen”

“Working as a team with the dog, and seeing the response. Excellent level of training and the various tasks presented in class.”

“More control on a social level. I like the more caring and patient approach.”

“Well disciplined dog who listens.”

“Understanding my dog. Got my dog working and thinking.”

“More manageable pets and good fun for us both. Simple and easy to apply.”

“Unique way in which dogs learn without harsh treatment – amazing!”

“The variation from week to week. Was not boring for handlers.”

“We appreciate the fact that although we are not able to train enough at home we are still made to feel welcome in class.”

“It was training without hurting the dog.”

“Friendly attention to dog and owner.”

“Each class has structure, instructor is prepared for each class. Notes we received helped a lot. Best dog school I have ever attended. Keep up the good work.”

“It was very nice to work with a training school that is not aggressive and violent to animals – to get the animals' attention.”

“My dog is more obedient and controllable. She also learnt to socialise. It was fun – my dog looked forward to it.”

“Relaxed atmosphere”

"Fantastic training in a non-intimidating environment, where no question is a stupid question. Excellent!"

"My dog enjoys the training."

In regard to our Holiday Service:

“Andrea has a special way with animals. She is punctual, reliable, she loves our dogs and they absolutely adore her; they are very excited when she comes to our house.”

“Andrea's reliability meant that we had absolute peace of mind and her fantastic nature with animals helped our puppy to develop into a wonderful young dog”

“Thank you so much for your faithful and excellent service everytime without fail! I can depend upon you to look after my best buddy when I am away and know that she is in safe hands.”

“Andrea offers ostensibly a “dog-sitting” service, but in fact so much more. She offers to come to our house everyday to visit, play with, feed and spend time with our dogs. She also keeps the garden clean, performing regular 'poop-patrols'.”