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Behavioural Consultations for problem dogs

If your dog exhibits problem behaviour such as:

Tail chasing, spinning, aggression, aggression towards humans or dogs, hyperactivity, Major destruction, Digging, Barking excessivley, Extreme Dominance, Urinating inside your house, Seperation Anxiety (screaming/howling/ destruction upon your leaving), Compulsive Behaviours, Eating strange items like poop or other non-food items, Chasing cars/joggers/ cats/ rabbits/ motorbikes etc, Extreme fear or phobia of noises, escaping the yard etc,

Are you being growled or even bitten by your dog? Is your dog growling at your children or perhaps already biting them? Are you afraid of your dog? Is your dog wanting to bite your visitors or perhaps fighting with your other dogs? Need help introducing a new puppy into the home? Need help because there is a baby on the way?

Please note that in some instances I will advise that you first visit your Veterinarian to have your dog's health checked thoroughly to make sure that the problem behaviour you are experiencing is not a health related issue. I will require the Veterinarian's test results/Veterinarian Report in order to help you with your dog's problem behaviour and to implement the correct behaviour modification protocols and will not proceed without this.

Please contact us as the above is not the normal behaviour of the dog. We will then set up Behaviural Consultations in order to address the problems being experienced. I am a fully qualified Canine Behaviour Advisor (Dog Behaviourist) with many years of experience. I am a registered member of the South African Board of Companion Animal Professionals.



The Process:

Please note that most of the above problems cannot be solved telephonically and will require the in-depth Behavioural Consultation.