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Bull & Terriers, Mastiffs, Wolves & Hybrids


Please take note of the following:

Bull & Terrier Breeds: (Bull Terriers, Staffies, Pit Bulls, Amstaffs, Bull Dogs - English & American, etc,) Are accepted at our school (afterall, we specialise in the Bull Terrier breed) but owners must bring the dogs while they are still young and impressionable (preferably 8 - 12 weeks of age)

Mastiff Breeds: (Rottweilers, Boerboel, Bull-Mastiff, Neapolitan, Dogo Argentino) ----------Mastiffs are similar to the Bull Breeds where socialisation is concerned. Always remember that these dogs tend to lean towards aggressive behaviour which can be modified while they are young. These breeds must begin the socialisation process at 8 weeks of age as they do tend to become anti-social at around 6 months of age without proper upbringing. To prevent this and have the Mastiff at least get to a stage where he/she will tolerate other dogs & people it is important to begin the process of training and socialisation when the dog is 8 weeks of age. Remember that all Mastiffs tend to be super independent and quite aggressive - more so than other breeds - and require experienced owners with a firm yet loving hand.

Prevent aggression by beginning your dog's education very early.

Hybrids (wolf cross dog), Wolves or Wolf- Dogs

We stress that these special creatures must be brought up in a very special way. We do not condone the owning or breeding of wolves or wolf crosses. But for people adamant in owning these animals we advise that you contact the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary as these special animals cannot be treated, nor trained the same way as dogs and have very special needs. Go to www.wolfsa.org.za for further information. With all my experience all these years I will be honest and tell you that wolves, wolf dogs and hybrids do not make good pets, in fact they should be considered wild animals that do not belong in a pet setting. Please be responsible, do the right thing.