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Location and contact details

We give lessons in Strubensvalley, Roodepoort Gauteng.

Although in the middle of suburbia, if you like to be surrounded by nature then this venue is for you and your canine. A large tree in the middle of the venue provides shade during classes. A variety of birds cater to stimulate the dogs, desensitizing them to all those feathery friends. A pond with fish and a waterfall provide a calming background noise. The overall feeling is relaxed and comfortable. Family not taking part in lessons or visitors are welcome to relax on the patio and watch the lesson.

You can contact us via the following methods;

Cell: 083 7254 597 (office hours only please)

e-mail: canineschool@gmail.com

Should you not get a reply within at least 48 hours please contact me via my cell phone - call me, sms me or WhatsApp me please. Occasionally my E-mail software does not allow certain e-mails to come through and then I miss your message.

Please note that we do have an indoor training facility available to us on rainy days so that training classes can continue as normal despite the weather