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Natural Nutrition Consultations for your dog

Did you know that Commercial Dog Food is barely 60-70 years old? Did you know that cats & dogs are the only animals forced to eat an artificial diet? What did dogs eat many years ago before dog food was invented? Who declared that Mother Nature made a mistake and feeding a natural diet to dogs is wrong but feeding artificial dog food is correct?

Does your dog present the following issues:

Itchy skin, Rashes Dandruff, Dull and rough fur, hot spots, Is your dog over-weight, does your dog present with brittle bones or Joint problems, Do you have to pick up a lot of dog poop, does your dog have stinky skin odour, Foul flatlulance, does your dog suffer from obsessive licking, Scooting on bum, Bad breath, Food intolerances, Food allergies, Kidney problems, Does your dog have food issues, Does your dog chew everything, Is your dog bored & miserable or does your dog perhaps eat it's own poop? Does your dog present mental disorders?

Even if your dog right now seems perfectly healthy it will only be a matter of time before having eaten dog food catches up and your poor dog begins to suffer from one or other disorder. The body can only tolerate and fight toxic loads for so long before it breaks down and begins to show symptoms. I reiterate: Your dog could even be perfectly healthy for now but that is not to say that he will still be healthy when he gets older and all those toxins that have been fed into your dog finally catch up to him and his poor body can no longer tolerate that same undigestible food that is dog food.

Alot of the above problems can sometimes be due to the dog's current diet.

Since 1965 there has been a general deterioration in pet health and young animals now display diseases usually only seen in older animals. A lot of dog food companies will cut corners in order to maintain profit margins, never forget this. Dog food is all about making money. You can save yourself money on dog food and its accompanying Veterinarian bills by feeding your dog as Nature Herself intended.

I have even known of young dogs who break their toes while playing or running after toys. The so called balanced diets that dog foods are supposed to be are causing quite a bit of damage. Remember that carbohydrates (eg Maize) are for cows who have 4 stomachs to digest them or other herbivores who have very long digestive tracts. Dogs have a very short digestive tract designed to digest meat.

All living organisms are meant to eat their natural diets. For organisms such as humans and dogs a diet consisting of a variety of fresh raw foods is the only way to maintain top health.

What can you do to improve your dog’s health and to help your dogs live a long healthy life full of vitality?

Contact me for a Consultation in Natural Nutrition for Canines and I will teach you how you can feed your dog so he/she can reach optimal health status. I will teach you the safe ways to present the food to your dog and also which ingredients are safe and which are not, all in line with the particular age group for your dog in mind.

I would also like to mention that Ayla, my Bull Terrier, used to suffer badly from Pyoderma whilst on some of the highest quality dog foods. When we changed her to Natural Nutrition the Pyoderma dissapeared, her allergies & intolerance disappeared (she had amazing skin and fur well up to her 13 and a half years of life), her compulsive licking stopped, her scooting decreased immensely, her flatulence stopped, and her overall health improved significantly. Not to mention that she absolutely loved the natural diet. At 13 year old she looked almost like a 5 year old and was the picture of health until her passing.

Dogs of all ages will benefit from Natural Nutrition. Also note that feeding Natural Nutrition is cheaper than buying all those fancy high quality dog foods. The Natural Nutrition is not a food that comes out of a bag. Owners will be in control of ingredients and the quality thereof. Its a lot of fun teaching a dog to eat as Mother Nature intended. All of my clients who have placed their dogs on this diet have never looked back and tell me how very healthy their dogs are (no more Vet bills except for vaccinations) and how much fun it is to watch them munch on their real food.

Remember: "The side effect of proper nutrition is good health".